Services We Offer


Allows clinicians to monitor efficacy of treatment plans, medication compliance, and prevent serious drug-to-drug interactions. Allows for early intervention and increased patient education with regards to substance use disorders.

PGx Testing

Allows providers to personalize treatment plans for patients by having specific knowledge of the patient’s medication metabolism through genetic testing. Allows the clinician to tailor the correct medications and doses, thus decreasing adverse side effects and drug or food interactions.

Molecular Diagnostics Testing

Allows clinician to make faster diagnoses and more rapid and effective treatment decisions.

Lexar Analytics

Allows clinicians an avenue to monitor patients, as mandated by statutes, by instituting a protocol of random laboratory testing based on the risk-level assigned by the clinician. Allows clinicians a better opportunity to identify potential concerns when compared to scheduled and non-random testing.  Allows clinicians to focus on patient care by simplifying testing protocol.

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